Water Sports Activities

Water Front Sitges is a local company that is dedicated to aquatic activities. All the activities are done along the coast of Sitges. We offer two types of activities, parasailing and trawing activities. 


All activities are approximately 15 minutes and there is a minimum number of people required per activity.

Special rates for groups of + 5. Ask for a quote and book your activity by mail!

We are in Terrramar beach in Sitges.

Let’s have fun at the beach!

Let’s enjoy the water!


Adrenalin and great views make this activity unforgettable. The parasailing consists in taking off from the platform of the boat attached  to a parachute while being towed by the boat. The landing is also on the boat.


Would you like to enjoy the speed over the sea ? Try the banana boat!


The Donut boating activity is about enjoying the speed on the water. A speedboat towes the donut shape inflatable while you are on it. Do you accept the challenge of trying not to fall into the water?


Are you looking for a nice and quiet journey through the Sitges coast? Enjoy this big sofa over the sea!

Where to find us


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